In order to become an active member of Maroubra SLSC, you need to have a current SLSA Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate qualification.  Members aged 15 and over train for a Bronze Medallion; this 6-8 week course teaches surf skills, resuscitation, rescue techniques and much more. Members aged 13 and 14 learn basic rescue skills in a 6 week course and are awarded a Surf Rescue Certificate.
The Club runs a number of courses throughout the year to train new members. Information nights are held prior to the commencement of each Bronze Medallion course where you can find out more information.

Bronze Medallion

The Bronze Medallion course is the qualifying course for Senior Active membership. It takes from 6 to 8 weeks depending on conditions and candidate progress and concludes with two assessments, Part A (in the classroom) and Part B (on the beach). During the course you will learn basic first aid, CPR, identification of surf conditions, use of rescue boards, use of rescue tubes, signals and a variety of other topics as outlined in the SLSA manual.

Surf Rescue Certificate

The Surf Rescue Certificate comprises most of the Bronze medallion content but has a lower
age entry and a less strenuous pre-requisite swim and rescue requirements for assessment.
A level of physical fitness is required in order to successfully complete the course. You will
need to make sure you put the required effort in before, during and after completion. Each
year lifesavers undertake a proficiency to ensure their skills are maintained.


For Bronze:
• be at least 15 years of age by the assessment date
• swim 400m in nine minutes or less in a pool. We will assess your performance and
advise you on how to achieve this requirement if you do not make the time first up.
For SRC:
• Be at least 13 years of age by the assessment date
• Swim 200m in five minutes or less in a pool

Induction night

At the induction we will cover topics relevant to club membership and training and learning
methods and the responsibilities of the club, the trainers and the candidates. On this night
we will also arrange membership information and administration. You will be able to ask
What to bring to the induction night
Please bring a pen and some photo ID. If you are under 18 you will need be accompanied by a
parent or guardian.

Learning expectations

It is expected candidates undertake self-directed learning activities. While we will deliver
information in lecture format and small groups, provide expert advice and training and
supervise skills-practice, you are required to undertake learning between each session. One
assessment task that is a requirement for the Bronze and SRC is the completion of on-line
modules. This is not just an assessment task but constitutes the underpinning knowledge of
much of the course and at the induction night we will give you a date for submission.

What we provide

• Trainers who are all skilled lifesavers and skilled and qualified trainers
• A safe training environment including high vis vests and caps and water safety support
• A training environment that is respectful and free of harassment and discrimination
• A training manual and access to on-line training resources
• Equipment that is regularly checked and maintained
• Considerations to ensure all candidates learning needs are addressed
• Transparent complaints procedures

What we expect

• Co-operation and effort
• Teamwork
• Adherence to the Club’s Code of Conduct
• A standard of behaviour that is respectful of others and that assists in the training and
learning environment
Pathways and Life as a Member
The Bronze Medallion and the SRC open opportunities and pathways to other awards in surf
lifesaving. Once you are a member of the club, the world is your oyster…
Some of the opportunities and things to get involved in include:
• Surf Sports and Competition (running, Ski paddling, Swimming, Rowing etc)
• IRB racing
• Training and education
• Patrols
• Support operations (Jetski and Offshore Rescue Boat)
• Nippers and Junior education
• The Maroubra SLSC community
Members also gain access to the club, hot showers/change rooms and gym.


So Take The Next Step…

To join Maroubra SLSC as a Bronze Medallion member, you need to register to complete one of the bronze medallion courses that the club runs each season.
The cost for doing the Bronze medallion course is as follows:

New senior members : $295.00.

These fees include club membership, the delivery of best practice training, provision of water safety support personnel, use of current training equipment, the Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue training manual, patrol cap & uniform and high viz surfwear.

Students and concessions : $235.00
SRC to Bronze : $150
SRC : $185