Welcome to Maroubra Nippers


Surf Lifesaving Junior Development, better known as ''Nippers'' is an activity based program to develop  "Young Surf Lifesavers of the Future".

At Maroubra SLSC we endeavour to teach children from the tender age of 5 through to 14 years about surf safety and awareness, basic first aid and lifesaving techniques.

We also introduce children to the competitive side of surf lifesaving as a means of developing, improving and maintaining their surf life saving skills and physical fitness. 

Refer to our Weekly Activities, Competition Calendar and Training Calendar for our latest activity of events for our Nippers.

Nippers Start Times on Sunday

Our Nippers Season start times are:

  • U6, U7 & U8 Nippers commence at 8:00am sharp
  • U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 & U14 Nippers commence at 9:00am sharp
  • All children need to assemble behind their age sign 15 minutes prior to their start so that Age managers can mark the roll.

Each week an Age Group is rostered on for BBQ Duties and Beach Set-Up and Pack-Up which commences at 7:00am and concludes at 12.00pm.


Competitors Training  Schedule

Our water training including Swim & Boards is now graded dependent on the skill levels of each competitor with the relevant training provided to improve and develop surf skills.

Our head coach will assess each competitor and advise which session(s) each competitor should attend.

For all water based competitors, its a requirement that you support your surf training by joining a swim squad with your local swim club.

  • Surf Swim & Board - Grade 1 Training Sessions 4:30pm Tuesday, 4:30pm Thursday & 7:30am Sunday. Competition Activities 10:30am Sunday (at Maroubra)
  • Surf Swim & Board - Grade 2 Training Sessions 4:30pm Friday & 7:30am Sunday. Competition Activities 10:30am Sunday (at Maroubra)
  • Surf Swim & Board - Grade 3 or Technique/Fitness (Grade 1 & 2) Training Session 8:00am Saturday at Frenchman's Bay, La Perouse (or Maroubra subject to conditions)

For all sand based training please note the respective training times:

  • Sand (Sprints, Flags, Relays, Distance) - Training Session 8:00am Sunday (at Maroubra)
  • March Past - Training Session 8:30am Sunday (at Maroubra)
  • R&R - Training Session 11:30am Sunday (at Maroubra)