HOW TO JOIN 2019/2020

Registrations for 2019/2020 are now closed for the season.

Registrations for the next season 2020/2021 will be open late August 2020.

  • Registrations submitted after the closure date MAY NOT be accepted if enrolment numbers are reached.
  • All members MUST complete a Proficiency Swim on the re-scheduled dates (Date TBA)
  • New members MUST provide documentation (passport, birth certificate) confirming date of birth.
  • All payments MUST be made at time of registration.

Before following the registration instructions there are a few resources that you should first avail yourself of:

  • The SLS Members Area User Guide is available online and also in soft copy to download Here.  
    • This is the definitive guide to using the SLS Members Portal. If you cannot find the information needed then further assistance can be found at
    •  This guide will help you whether you need to create a portal account, have a portal account already or are joining for the first time! 
  • During the registration process you will be given an opportunity to redeem a NSW Active Kids Voucher  for each under-18 Maroubra SLSC member.
    • These vouchers can be redeemed to a maximum value of $100 each, and Maroubra SLSC is accepting these to help offset membership fees.
    • If you would like to use an Active Kids voucher you should download the details before proceeding further with this Maroubra Nippers registration process.
  • The Maroubra Nippers membership fee price list for the 2019-20 season are:
    • One child: $130, or $30 if redeeming an Active Kids voucher.
    • Second child: $110, or $10 if redeeming an Active Kids voucher.
    • Third child (and More Children): $90, or $0 if redeeming an Active Kids voucher.

All Maroubra SLSC members need an individual, up-to-date SLS membership account; which includes requiring separate accounts for each child and each parent/guardian club member:

If you have any questions please email or

Registration Instructions

You can join Maroubra SLSC for the first time or renew your membership quickly online through the Surf Life Saving Australia - Members Portal.

A short user guide is available to download here

Once you have registered you will need to turn up to complete the pool proficiency swim on one of the dates and times scheduled. (Refer to Step 5).

Depending on registration numbers and attendees then the Proficiency swim are usually completed within 30 min of arrival.

Step 1. Joining for the first time

If you are enrolling a Under 6 or a new Maroubra Nippers member, then create their SLS account if they do not have one.

If the member currently has a SLS Account then they can skip this step. (Proceed to Step 3)

  • Go to
  • Click Join
  • Please ensure that you select Surf Life Saving NSW and Maroubra (NSW)  as the surf club that you’re joining
  • Fill out your details and submit
    • To Join more members then click the ‘create a family group’ link
    • Tick the 3 boxes and fill in the parent or guardian full name section
  • Submit the form
  • If you are renewing for more than one member this must be repeated for each member.
  • Proceed to Step 3


New members must send us an image of their proof of age (birth certificate or passport) to:


Step 2. Renewing - no SLS portal account

If the member does not have a Surf Life Saving (SLS) account set up, before they can proceed they will need to set one up  for each member joining Maroubra SLSC.

If the member currently has a SLS Account then they can skip this step. (Proceed to Step 3)

Once an account has been set up then Proceed to Step 3 (either Step 3 (A) Renew - with SLS Portal Account or Step 3 (B) Renew - with Family Group).


  • Go to
  • At the bottom of the box you’ll see: Don’t have a Members Area account yet? Click here to create one.

  • Enter your details and choose an ID confirmation method.
  • This must be an email or mobile number originally used to join with.
  • If you’re not sure what these details are contact the Nippers Registrar at
  • Choose a username & password
  • Activate your account using the code or link sent to you
  • Go to next section - Renewing - with portal account below

Step 3. Renewing Options  - Individual or Family Group

Step 3 (A): Renewing - with SLS portal account

If not utilising a Family Group renewal, you will have to login as each individual member and renew them one at a time.

Please refer to SLS Members User Guide here for details.

  • Login to the SLS Members area with each member’s username and password:
  • Select menu option “Memberships → Renewals, Payments & Transfers” as shown highlighted below.
  • You will be presented with a summary of your child’s Maroubra SLSC membership:
  • Select Renew:
    • Check that your child’s membership details are correct and if not make the required updates.
    • At the foot of the page accept the declaration and enter a parent or guardian name in the box provided.
  • Click Submit:
    • You should now get directed to a page that simply states “Success. Your renewal request has been recorded in the system and is pending approval.”.
  • Proceed to Step 4
    • Move onto Make A Payment and Active Kids instructions below. 

You can pay for more than one member at a time through the payment portal, just be sure to list each of their names.


Step 3 (B): Renewing - With Family Group

If your family has several members of Maroubra SLSC, and one is over eighteen years of age, then you have the option to create a Family Group and renew your collective memberships in one transaction.

 A Family Group greatly simplifies each season’s membership renewals but is not mandatory.

Please refer to SLS Members User Guide here for details.

  • Create your Family Group and add all family members as per SLS Members Area User Guide
  • Login to as your over eighteen, primary user.
  • Select menu option “Memberships → Family” as shown highlighted below.
    • You’ll now move to a Family Group Details page, with a Renew Memberships action listed on the right.
  • Select Renew Memberships:
    • You now select each family member for renewal, plus accept the SLSA Membership Declaration.
  • Select Submit:
    • All family members have now been renewed and are pending confirmation by Maroubra SLSC.
    • Proceed to Step 4
      • Move onto Make A Payment and Active Kids instructions below.

You can pay for more than one member at a time through the payment portal, just be sure to list each of their names.

Note : If you need to update any member's detail, please go back to My Family Dashboard (Memberships/Family) and select VIEW in the ACTION column ; Click on EDIT for each member that need an update. Change details, tick boxes and fill in the parent/guardian name section before submitting the form.

Note: All adult volunteers also all need a valid, up-to-date SLS account.

Age Managers, Age Assistants, Age Liaison Managers and other Helpers should join/renew their ‘General’ membership of Maroubra SLSC, whereas Water Safety and/or Patrolling members should enrol as ‘Senior Active’.

Step 4. Make a Payment

Note: All membership applications won’t be processed until you’ve paid the appropriate annual membership fee.

Make sure you choose the correct membership type

For each under-18 member you’ll now be presented with a page where you can redeem an Active Kids voucher.

If you wish to use one per under-18, fill out the requested details for each: Voucher code, PIN (child’s date of birth in the format DDMM [day & month]), and the full, pre-discount Maroubra Nippers membership fee for each.

When entering the Nippers Members details, please ensure their name and details match exactly as it appears on their Medicare card and Active Kids Voucher.

  • If there is a discrepancy then we may be unable to accept the Active Kids Voucher.

Note: If you don’t redeem your Active Kids vouchers at this point and instead leave this page it will not be shown again. You have only one opportunity to enter the required voucher information. Currently the only known means of returning to this page is to cancel your Maroubra Nippers pending membership request and starting the whole process

Otherwise just leave all fields blank. Click the Next button to proceed again.

Please ensure that Maroubra (NSW) is the Club/Organisation selected in the Payments Page:

You can make an individual payment per member, or submit several membership fees by adding a Transaction for each member and paying one total figure.

If renewing several Maroubra Nippers members please take into account our multi-child discounts ($130 first child, $110 second, $90 third and additional).

  • If you have redeemed an Active Kids voucher, subtract $100 from that Maroubra Nippers' 2019/2020 fee.
  • Please ensure that each Transaction is of type Membership fee and that you specify each member’s full name and activity in the Payment Details:
    • Fred Bloggs: Maroubra Nippers, or
    • Fred Bloggs: Junior Activity Member (5-13 years)
  • When all Transactions are entered, click Next at the foot of the page to proceed to credit card payment.
  • A receipt will be emailed to you when credit card payment is completed.
  • Your memberships are now pending renewal and will be processed by Maroubra SLSC.

Step 5. Pool Proficiency Swims

Once registered and fee has been paid, then All Maroubra Nippers must complete their Preliminary Aquatic Evaluation and, depending on their age, Proficiency Swim prior to participating in Nipper activities.

Please attend any of the dates below with no bookings required. The member will be required for approx. 30 minutes between any of the dates and times listed.

For the Age Specific distance and times please refer to Swim Proficiency for further details.

2019/2020 Proficiency Swim Dates:

  • Last Chance pool swim will be held Sunday 13th October at 9am

If attending competition for ALL WATER EVENTS (including wade, swim, board, multi-discipline, team) and ALL SAND EVENTS (including sprints, flags, distance, team, R&R, March Past) all competitors must also complete their Preliminary Competition Evaluation and their Open Water Competition Swim prior to entering any Competition Events.


  • "No Water Activities for Nippers with No Preliminary Aquatic Evaluations and No Proficiency Swims Completed" and
  • "No Sand or Water Competition for Competitors with No Competition Swim Evaluations and No Open Water Competition Swims Completed"

If you have any questions please email