Q: What do I do if I cannot attend my Rostered patrol (Holidays, Illness, accident etc)?

 A: All patrols for the season are pre-set. If you cannot attend a rostered patrol, you have plenty of time to try and arrange a substitute to ensure you achieve your 100% attendance.  To find a sub, you must have a member of the same award level (or higher) SUB for you. Members can find subs through the Maroubra SLSC private Facebook group, through texting/ ringing other members.  Members can also contact their patrol captain for help or contact the CLUB CAPTAIN who can assist in the process of obtaining a sub. Once both parties agree to a swap, you will then become fully responsible for the new patrol and the other person responsible for your old patrol. Note:  Patrol contracts agreed to online (e.g. Facebook) must be screen captured for your own records.


 Q: What do I do if I miss my rostered patrol?

 A: If you miss your rostered patrol, it is not the end of the world… You will however, be required to make up the patrol hours that you have missed. You should also attempt to notify your patrol captain or the club captain, before the start time of the patrol as a matter of courtesy. 

-           If this is the first patrol you have missed: You only need to make up the equivalent hours before your next patrol. You can sign onto any patrol as a makeup. You do not have to do any penalties.

-          If you have missed more than 1 patrol, you will be required to complete a makeup patrol to make up the equivalent hours as well as a penalty patrol.


Q: What is 100% Patrol Proficiency/Attendance and how do I achieve this?

A: 100% proficiency/attendance refers to a member who completes all their rostered patrols or the equivalent hours. To receive a Patrol Efficiency Award for the season a member must sign on to the patrol ON TIME (not late). If they cannot attend a patrol, the patrolling member organises a swap to cover their patrol (same award or higher) and they pay their swap back as a SUBSTITUTE patrol. If they do not pay the member back as a SUB, you will need to make up the equivalent hours as a VOLUNTEER patrol.


Q: What is a year of service and how do I achieve this?

A: A year of Service is given to every patrol member who completes their patrols. If they miss a patrol and make up the hours, the member will receive still receive a year of service. However, they will not receive 100% attendance. Remember 10 years of service = LONG SERVICE!!


Q: What is long service and how do I achieve this?

A: Long Service membership can be obtained by patrol members who complete 10 years of patrol service with Maroubra or another SLS club. If you would like to apply, please email the club captain.


Q: What is Active Reserve Membership and how do I apply for this?

A: Active Reserve: to be eligible to apply for active reserve status you must complete the equivalent of 8 years of full patrol. If you would like to apply, please email the club captain.

 Q: I have missed two or more patrols and have not done a makeup. I am now suspended! What do I do?

A:  If you miss 2 rostered patrols and you have not done a “make up” and a “penalty” patrol you are automatically suspended from using all Club facilities and equipment. Please make contact with the club captain so we can sort out the situation and get you back on track to access all the club facilities and enjoy being a member of the club.


Q: Do SRC’s have to patrol during September and April

A: Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) holders are not required to attend patrols during the months of September and April.  In lieu of this, SRC holders may be requested to assist with Nipper activities by their patrol captains if rostered on Sunday mornings.


Q: How can I check my awards, patrol records and update my information?

A: All of the above can be checked online at any time by logging into your members portal. If you have never logged in before, simply create a new account.  (Google: SLS Members portal) https://members.sls.com.au/SLSA_Online/modules/login/index.php


Q: I’m overwhelmed, feeling lost, confused, not sure what I’m doing or I’m not enjoying my time with the club. What do I do?

A: There are many people who can help you and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you feel, at home, comfortable and enjoy your time at the club. Firstly, have a chat with the club captain or vice captain. If not, consider contacting the director of Membership or secretary and see if they are able to assist. Remember, we are all here to help each other out!