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Creating your own log in for the members area

How to log into the elearning (SRC & Bronze)

How to access the Age managers course

How to access the PSAR35 manual

Information sheets

These sheets will help revise content, and with SRC and Bronze training. More information can be found in the PSAR35 manual.

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Training Videos 

There are a number of SLS training videos that are available in the SLS Members Area Document Library for members to view in preparation for their skills maintenance and for general refresher training. The below hyperlinks will only work if you are logged into the members area first. 

 Aquatic rescue related: 

 Emergency care related: 

 Spinal care related: 

 IRB related: 

PSAR35 is now free to all Patrolling members!

There are a number of ways in which you can access the new 35th edition of the Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue training manual:

  • Browse to https://sls.com.au/psar35 and then bookmark or add a shortcut to this webpage to your home screen (on any device) to make accessibility easier.
  • Download a PDF version of the PSAR35 to your device for viewing while offline. The document can be downloaded from the online PSAR35 cover page or from the Members Area Document Library here.
  • Access through the SLS Members Area, under National eLearning Learning Management System Home Screen in the newly added ‘Training Resources’ area. Please note that you must be logged in at a member level to access the Document Library. 

PSAR35 will be updated routinely with current information for patrolling members.