Our History

 In 1906 there were two lifesaving groups established at Maroubra Beach. The North Maroubra Life Line Club was the forerunner of the present Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club.

Around this time many local sporting identities joined the Maroubra Surf Club and the first ever Bronze Medallion holder, Sid Fullwood, joined the Maroubra Club. Maroubra was also the founding member of the Surf Life Saving Association and the Association’s first President, Fred Thorpe, was also the President of Maroubra. In 1907 the first 'drag' picnic was held at Maroubra. Many members of clubs in the local area attend and various beach races and sports are held. This is seen by many as a precursor to the official Surf Carnival.

Between 1908 and 1910 the club established itself by entering into and winning numerous carnival events including The Belt Race –1908, The Randwick Jubilee Cup – 1909. The founding members included Harold Baker, Sid Godfrey, Mick Lacey, all considered exceptional sportsmen in their own right.

During World War 1 the club deteriorated as its representatives attended only one out of ten meetings. The only real activity during this time was the construction of the first clubhouse, a 3m by 3m galvanised iron shed, situated in the centre of the beach. Arthur Rodman was the mainstay of the club throughout this period; he was club captain for 18 years and moulded the club in many ways. He put enormous emphasis on the encouragement of youth. Maroubra was always concerned about community involvement and its younger members and Rodman’s attitude on both these matters still permeates the club today.

In 1920’s Maroubra issued its first printed annual report. At the same time the first three Maroubra men gained their instructor’s certificate and no less than 34 members obtained the Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion. Several major events mark the 1928-29 season; the introduction of a telephone, plans were taking shape to build a new clubhouse, the formation of the social club and the club’s first carnival.

By 1932 the laying of the foundation stone bought a sense of permanency to the club, and a year later the main structure and surf sheds were erected. These are still in use by the club today. The opening of the club house was followed the next year by the death of Arthur Rodman. His lifetime of assistance to the community and the club was recognised by the naming of two surf boats and a street in South Maroubra acknowledging his significant contribution to the local community.

Between 1935 and the end of the Second World War the club continued to increase its membership and to bring innovation into its activities. The introduction of club costumes, new events such as board riding, and the successes in competition all helped to establish the club, as we know it today.

In March 1946 the Australian Championships were conducted at Maroubra and in the same year the Club purchased two army huts in the vacant area next to the boat shed for the storage of the growing board and ski sections. The late 40’s showed an increase in activity when George Bishop won the board race and went on to win the Australian title, commencing a Maroubra domination of this event for the next 25 years.

In the 1950’s Maroubra purchased the car park as a potential source of revenue. Ross Hazelton the Australian and State champion board rider used the same learned techniques to coach other members of the Club, the results being that the 1954-55 season was one of the most successful competitive seasons in the club’s history. The Club also actively pressured the Randwick Council and other bodies to prevent the mining of rutile on the beach and whilst it would be unthinkable today, it was a very real possibility then.

During the 1960’s – 70’s the Maroubra Surf Club members created the Maroubra Seals Club, the Seals Club are the major sponsors of the Surf Life Saving Club today. The club also became actively involved with the Wales helicopter rescue service, the first jet boat equipped with radio was introduced, and the Club began its community programs by teaching water safety through the “Survival 76” program. In 1972 a member of the club, Dennis Green carried the Australian flag at the Munich Olympics, the honour was repeated by Max Metzker at Moscow in 1980.

In the 1970’s Maroubra’s Des Renford was conquering the English Channel and Barry Rodgers became an Australian lifesaving legend winning 3 successive Australian Ironman Titles. Dennis Heussner later continued the ironman tradition at Maroubra and represented Australia at the Olympics.

In 1996 the Maroubra team won the Taplin Relay or Ironman relay at the Australian Surf lifesaving titles. This event is seen as the blue ribbon event in surf lifesaving competition and a significant indicator of the overall strength of the Club.

In 2002 a major refurbishment and renovation of the Club house was commenced after a community based fundraising campaign. The renovations include an upgrade to the women’s facilities, new function area, new gymnasium and new storage area for lifesaving equipment. 

In 2003 and 2004   The upgrade of the clubhouse was complete which included new female facilities and gym equipment that was donated by Maroubra Seals Club.  2004 saw the beginnings of a new live National database (Surfguard) which was introduced by Surf Life Saving Australia.

In 2006 Maroubra members celebrated the Club’s  “100 Years of Patrolling at Maroubra Beach”  Maroubra Surf Club held a a function at the Wentworth Hotel in Sydney, it was a wonderful way to celebrate our 100 year anniversary. 

2008 saw the introduction of a surf education program for people with disabilities it was run by then President Tim Murray it was a successful initiative and the first of its kind for a surf life saving club.  The 2010/2011 season Maroubra SLSC brought in a Public Access Defibillator (PAD) which was installed at the front of the Clubhouse to be available to the public out of hours.

2012/2013 season Maroubra wins Sydney Branch Club of the Year.

In 2013/2014  Maroubra hosts the Sydney Branch Surf Life Saving Titles for Opens and Nippers and goes on to host it for the following 3 seasons with great success. In 2015 the club installs a much needed lift to provide disabled access to the upper levels of the Clubhouse.

In 2021 Maroubra Surf life saving completes 115 Years of patrolling Maroubra Beach.